Aaron's Tech Center is pleased to announce the (beta) release of QnDXML (Quick n' Dirty XML)! This software is specifically-desgined to take files with fields marked by various delimiters, and convert it into your own custom XML document.

First, import your delimited text file into QnDXML. Instantly, the contents of your file are shown in the main text display. Select options based-on the presence of a header row and type of delimiter. Upon doing so your file is broken down into columns that are visible on the grid display. Next, custom-build your XML document based-on the fields of your delimited file. Specify your encoding, write-out the file, and it's now converted into an XML document.

This tool can save hours of time when trying to convert to a document to XML. Addtionally, its customization options allow you to create XML documents that conform to specifc, proprietary data formats. Download the beta version, and check it out today!

Download now - QnDXML 0.01 (beta)


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